Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Are You Feeling Greedy?

A giant inverted steel pyramid is perfectly balanced on its point.  Any movement of the pyramid will cause it to topple over.  Underneath the pyramid is a $100 bill.  How do you remove the bill without disturbing the pyramid?


  1. Does the bill have to be intact after it's removal?

  2. Wel,, the bottom of the pyramid is actually at the top. You can just take it off the top.

  3. Hi Josh,
    Nope, it doesn't need to be intact. ;-)

  4. Is the bill under the point which is on the ground?
    v -pyramid
    - -monney
    - -ground

  5. Think big! Build a really giant steel scaffold around the pyramid to hold it in place while you remove enough of the $100 bill to satisfy a bank.

    Unfortunately this will cost you $10000 minimum, so I hope it was worth it to solve the puzzle...

  6. Burn it. The riddle doesn't say you get to keep the $100 at the end, just that your have to remove it from under the pyramid. Light one corner on fire and it will burn all the way around the point? :)

  7. pyramids are like icebergs ... "underneath" doesn't necessarily mean the point is resting on the bill ... just take it?

  8. I love all the free thinking on this problem. The solution I've seen elsewhere is just as Angela points out and Josh hinted at. Destroy the bill to 'remove' it either by fire or other means.

    But that doesn't mean anyone else is wrong here. There really is no right answer.

    BTW, reallyflatbloke, isn't it always worth the money to solve a riddle? ;-)

  9. Burn a $100 bill??? OMG no way! I love money too much :)

    But, I guess that would be the logical answer, and that's what these riddles are all about.

    I really enjoy them every day (except for the math problems, which make my eyes glaze over!)

  10. i would just walk under the pyramid and take it... as its resting on its point the bill can be anywhere underneath the pyramid didnt say the bill was underneath the point of the pyramid, just that it was under...

  11. If you cut the bill with a razor blade and take over >= 51% of the bill to the treasury and they will replace the bill with a new one.

    This way you solve the riddle and get the 100 bucks.

  12. The only way you can get the answer is if it comes to you suddenly in the blink of an eye (:

  13. Grasp both sides of the bill and pull, the bill will tear and you'll have 99%+ of the bill, tape the two (almost)halves together and only a very sour checkout clerk will fail to accept it.


    you cannot cut the bill but i think burning it is the answer although i couldnt physically do that

  15. Yes I saw this one on TV and felt cheated by the answer often given, (burn it). The original proposition implies that there is an imperative to maintain the thing of value at its current value, ie $100, or why not just use a piece of paper? They're setting us up to fail. Also, if you burn the bill, you are not truly removing it, you are destroying it and then removing something which is not a bill. This is a very poor puzzle. Those who say tear it, stick it together and cash it in are more honestly solving the puzzle as set.


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