Thursday, April 29, 2010

None of This is Legal

A gambler bet on a horse race, but the bookee wouldn't tell him the results of the race. The bookee gave clues as to how the five horses finished -- which may have included some ties -- and wouldn't pay the gambler off unless the gambler could determine how the five horses finished based on the following clues:

Penuche Fudge finished before Near Miss and after Whispered Promises.
Whispered Promises tied with Penuche Fudge if and only if Happy Go Lucky did not tie with Skipper's Gal.
Penuche Fudge finished as many places after Skipper's Gal as Skipper's Gal finished after Whispered Promises if and only if Whispered Promises finished before Near Miss.

The gambler thought for a moment, then answered correctly. How did the five horses finish the race?


  1. 1. Whispered Promises
    2. Happy Go Lucky
    2. Skipper's Gal
    4. Penuche Fudge
    5. Near Miss

  2. Looks like ante had it right.

    Whispered Promises came in first. Skipper's Gal and Happy Go Lucky tied for second place. Penuche Fudge came in fourth. Near Miss came in fifth


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