Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Whodunnit... Where are the Grammar Police When You Need Them?

Three of these statements are untrue, so whodunnit?

Mr Red: "Mr Blue did it."

Mr Blue: "Mr Red did it."

Mr Green: "Mr Blue's telling the truth."

Mr Yellow: "Mr Green's not lying."


  1. Mr. Blue did it.
    Assume Stmt 1 to be true then we can deduce that stmt 2,3,4 are false.

    If we assume that stmt 2 is true, we can deduce that 2 stmts are true, which is contrary to given conditions.
    Same conclusion can be drawn when we assume stmt 3 or stmt 4 to be true.

  2. Also, Mr. Yellow has equated his answer with that of Mr. Green. Since only one person is telling the truth, both of these men must be lying--and, following immediately, so must be Mr. Blue. This leaves Mr. Red telling the truth, and that's all she wrote, so to speak.

  3. Yes. Mr.Red's statement is true.
    Everyone except Mr.red are saying samething, which does not holds the condition.

  4. Straightforward logic progression here. Red's guilty and the others are covering for him.

  5. Options one. two and three seems to me wrong answers because these options does not clarify any sense.


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