Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bonus Points If You Can Define Them All

Which two words in the list are the closest in meaning?
  • Cristate
  • Crossed
  • Moribund
  • Elevated
  • Tufted
  • Crystallized


  1. cris·tate (krstt) also cris·tat·ed (-ttd)
    adj. Having or forming a crest or crista.

    crossed b. To make a crossing: crossed into Germany from Switzerland.

    mor·i·bund (môr-bnd, mr-) adj.
    1. Approaching death; about to die.
    2. On the verge of becoming obsolete

    el·e·vat·ed (l-vtd) adj.
    a. Raised especially above the ground: an elevated platform.
    b. Increased in amount or degree:

    tufted [ˈtʌftɪd] adj
    1. having a tuft or tufts

    tuft (tft) n.
    1. A short cluster of elongated strands, as of yarn, hair, or grass, attached at the base or growing close together.
    2. A dense clump, especially of trees or bushes.

    1. To cause to form crystals or assume a crystalline structure.
    2. To give a definite, precise, and usually permanent form to: The scientists finally crystallized their ideas about the role of the protein.
    3. To coat with crystals, as of sugar.

    I have no idea which to are closest in meaning.

  2. Of the words on the list, I think Cristate and Tufted are the closest in meaning.

  3. Cristate and Tufted are the only words in the group which have the closest meaning.


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