Monday, January 11, 2010

Is There a Reason?

There is a reason behind the cause for button locations.  Traditionally, men's buttons are on the right, while women's clothes have buttons on the left. Do you know why this is?

BTW, I have no idea if my answer (given tomorrow) is right or not.  But it makes sense to me.


  1. I'm going to guess that back in the day women had people to dress them, so buttons were made for ease of the person dressing them.

  2. In medieval times women had maid/servants to dress them and did not dress themselves. The dressmakers created the clothes with the buttons on the side that the users would need them on. Users being servants or maids.

  3. Since most people are right handed, the buttons set on the right are easier for them to use. Thus, men's clothing had buttons set on the right, since they tended to do it themselves.

    As Julie and KyaLyn point out, clothing with buttons was the province (sp?) of ladies, who had servants in medieval times. Thus, the buttons were set on the left so that the maids/servants would be able to button them up more easily.

  4. women always had a maid to help them dress and it was easier for amid to do so with the right hand


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