Monday, January 04, 2010

Letter Equations 10 to 12

Hey, welcome back!  I'm glad you're here.  I had a great vacation (Thanks for asking!) and I hope your new year is better than last!

10 = C.
10 = C in a D.
10 = Y in a D.
10 = L I.

11 = P on a F T.

12 = M in a Y.
12 = I in a F.
12 = S of the Z.
12 = D of C.
12 = D of J.
12 = E in a D.
12 = D in a G.
12 = P of R.


  1. 10 Commandments
    10 Cents in a Dime
    10 Years in a Decade
    10 Little Indians

    11 Players on a Football Team
    12 Months in a Year
    12 Inches in a Foot
    12 Signs of the Zodiac
    12 Days of Christmas
    12 Disciples of Jesus
    12 Eggs in a Dozen
    12 Dozen in a Gross
    12 = P of R ???

  2. Nice work lola! I'll just add in the last one:
    12 Pairs of Ribs (in the human body).


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