Monday, December 14, 2009

Senior Play

In this year's Senior Class play, Ellis Island Idylls, a comedy celebrating America's ethnic heritage, Mike and four other boys play the five major male roles. Ironically, no one is playing the role for which he auditioned but instead is cast in one of the other four parts. Given this information and the clues, can you determine each actor's first and last name (one last name is Curtis), the part for which he auditioned, and the role he is playing in the production?

1. No two actors auditioned for and play the same two roles.
2. Tom is not the one playing Ivan.
3. Four of the actors - Ray, Evans, the one who tried out for Padraic, and the one portraying Ivan - had been in the Junior Class play.
4. The boy who auditioned for the role of Johann - who is not Pete Adams - is not playing Olaf in the production.
5. In one scene, Decker and the one who auditioned as Giorgio woo the same girl.
6. Ray did not try out as Ivan and did not win the Padraic role.
7. The boy who auditioned as Padraic - who is not Tom - is not the one playing Johann.
8. Steve and the Decker boy are also on the stage construction crew.
9. The actor playing Padraic auditioned as Olaf; he is not Tom.
10. The Block youth got the part for which Pete auditioned.


  1. Here is my answer...

    Steve Block auditioned for Olaf, got Padraic
    Pete Adams, auditioned for Padraic, got Giorgio
    Ray Curtis, auditioned for Giorgio, got Johann
    Mike Decker, auditioned for Johann, got Ivan
    Tom Evans, auditioned for Ivan, got Olaf

  2. wow, that was hard!
    Here's what I got (after 3 pages of notes and scribbles and such):
    Mike Decker auditioned for Johann, got Ivan
    Steve Block auditioned for Olaf, got Padraic
    Ray Curtis auditioned for Giorgio, got Johann
    Pete Adams auditioned Padraic, got Giorgio
    Tom Evans auditioned Ivan, got Olaf.


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