Monday, December 21, 2009

Rare Years

Back in the year 1936, people born in 1892 were able to make an unusual mathematical boast, a boast that people born in 1980 will be able to make at some time during the 21st century. John Stuart Mill, the English philosopher and economist, would also have been able to make the same boast, had he noticed it.

Given that he was born in the 19th century, can you tell me what the unusual boast was, what year he was born in, and what year he could make the boast in?


  1. In 1936, people born in 1892 were 44, and 44*44=1936.

    In 2025, people born in 1980 will be 45, and 45*45=2025.

    Mill must have been born in 1806, so that he would turn 43 in 1849, and 43*43=1849.

  2. i got the same answer as andy

  3. Once again, you can count on me to be amazed. This was completely out there as a question and you both came up with the answer!


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