Thursday, September 24, 2009

You Can See Through This One Right Away

It was invented in ages past to see through walls.  It is still in use in some parts of the world today.

What is it?


  1. window. this one was REALLY easy.

  2. A window (or glass as anonymous points out) is the answer. I thought this one might be easier than others, but I'm never quite sure what's going to happen.

  3. Windows, definitely. And yes, easy. I know it was easy because I actually got it this time. I hardly ever figure them out...

  4. duh
    a window

  5. It CAN'T be a window because of THIS sentence: "It is still used in SOME PARTS of the world today" Aren't windows used in ALL PARTS of the world today? I don't think it's a window.

  6. It's a window. I deliberately threw in 'some parts of the world' to throw you off the track a little. You could, if you want to be a stickler about it, point out that most of the world is not covered in walls (think oceans). That means that windows are in use in 'some parts.'

  7. Also, even if they were use in ALL PARTS of the world that would include SOME PARTS. It doesn't say "only some parts" so your reasoning is flawed. Window is a correct answer


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