Thursday, July 23, 2009

Skip a Birthday

Grandpa Joe was sitting on his porch talking to his grandson Bill. Grandpa Joe always like to tell stories, so even at the ripe old age of 5 Bill was never too quick to trust anything that Grandpa had to say.

"I was 72 on my last birthday and I'll be 74 on my next birthday!" Grandpa Joe exclaimed.

Incredulous, Bill ran inside to tattle to Grandma. But Grandma stood up for Grandpa, telling Bill that Grandpa Joe was right.

How could Grandpa be telling the truth?


  1. If today (the day he's speaking to Billy) is Grandpa Joe's birthday, his statement would be true.

  2. It's grandpa Joe's birthday

  3. todays Grandpa Joes birthday which means he is now 73 - thus he was 72 last year but next year will be 74...

    *only answer i could come up with...*

    or unless he has some sort of Doctor Who Tardis Time Machine or something else - *shrugs*


  4. yeahh, that day was his bday.

  5. yes yes.. that day was Grand Pa's b'day!! :D

  6. Today was his birthday!!!! Cool, my birthday is coming up, I think I will say that to someone and confuse them hahahahaha!!!!!

  7. Looks like there is no discussion on any other possibilities for this one. Today was grandpa's birthday.

  8. Ha! i actually figured this one out!! yay!


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