Friday, July 17, 2009

One half of

If one nickel is worth five cents, how much is half of one half of a nickel worth?

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. A quarter of a coin would be worth next to nothing. Its only value would be the intrinsic value of the metal, which must be negligible.

  2. 3.625 cents

  3. A quarter of a nickle is 1.25 cents, but probably can not be spent as such.

  4. bawb:You raise an interesting point, but that article is dated - the metal value of a nickel is now about 3.8c, I believe. Also, Production costs include labour and similar costs, the value of which is lost if there's only a quarter of the original coin.

    I would be more correct to say that it would be worth slightly less than one cent, but I'm afraid I'm not inspired enough to find the current nickel and copper market values.

  5. The metal value of a nickel, as of July 4th, was 3.85356 cents. One quarter of that amounts to 0.96339 - just under one cent.

  6. I'm just confused by 'one half'...

    Is it just like one tenth (1/10)?
    Then one half would be 1/(1/2) = 2

    Then half of one half would be 1. Thus, half of one half of a nickel is 1 nickel = 5 cents :)

    Just my calculation XD

  7. I love the way you all think. The 'answer' to this one is 1.25 cents, but as you pointed out, most people wouldn't give you a penny for it.

    (Not to mention the jail time you would face for destroying money)

  8. maybe not much, but if you could buy 50,000 widgets for a nickel each, and you asked for a half nickel discount for buying half a million, and the supplier knocked you back to half of half a nickel discount for the half million. That half of half a nickel would be well worth it!

  9. I respectfully disagree. Half of one half of five cents is 1.25 cents, but half of one half of a nickel is worth nothing.


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