Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can You See?

 Can You
See What's
 The With
Words On

You and a friend come across the sign above. Your friend asks why it's wrong? Your reply...?


  1. fourth line the words are transposed so the poster makes little sense.

  2. the and with should be switched around. it's a trick of the eye. your mind switches the words without your knowing it.

  3. Ummm, why can't I see the poster?

  4. I'm not sure I can outline the poster, but the words shown in the first 7 lines were what's written on the poster.

  5. the words "the" and "with" are switched around.
    it took me a while, but it helps when you read it backwards

  6. 4th line down.
    the and width are the wrong way around.
    yay i got one for once..

  7. "wrong the with words" should be "wrong with the words"

  8. the words "The" and "With" are interchanged.

    Yippie i cracked the first on this blog. :)

  9. the words the and with are changed, the first time I read it I read it wrong but then the second time I thought my reading was going wrong but after reading it a few times how it was written I realized my reading is fine, it is the word order that is wrong :)

  10. It's amazing how we ever read anything at all. During a presentation, someone talked about we all fill in the sentences as we listen to someone speak. Even as the sentence begins, we start filling in the words to come.

    Such thoughts made the presenter why he bothered to speak at all.

    Anyways, you're all right. The words the and with are in the wrong order on the 'poster'.


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