Tuesday, July 01, 2008

International Race

Five drivers--an American, Englishman, German, Italian, and a Japanese-- decided to have a race. Their cars, not necessarily in order, were: a Toyota, Volkswagen, Fiat, Triumph, and a Chevy. They had their cars numbered #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5. From the following clues, determine the order of finish and which driver was driving in which car.
  1. No driver had the same nationality as the manufacturer of his car.
  2. The Toyota finished somewhere behind the Fiat.
  3. The driver of the Chevy had to stop and change a flat tire.
  4. The Italian won the race.
  5. Car #3 did not finish in the top two places.
  6. No car finished in a place corresponding to its number.
  7. The driver of #3 was 2 years older than the Fiat driver.
  8. The driver who finished 4th was bigger than the American.
  9. The Chevy finished last.
  10. The driver of #2 was older than the American, but younger than the driver of the VW.
  11. The American was not driving car #4.
  12. The Englishman finished ahead of these three different cars: the Fiat, the Chevy, and the car labeled #1.


  1. American Fiat #5 3rd
    English VW #4 2nd
    Italian Triumph #2 1st
    German Toyota #1 4th
    Japanese Chevy #3 5th

    1st Italian Triumph 2
    2nd Englishman Volkswagen 4
    3rd American Fiat 5
    4th German Toyota 1
    5th Japanese Chevy 3


  3. how in the world do you solve it though?


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