Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Now Pay Up

A restaurant was holding a promotional deal.  Anyone who could prove it was their anniversary could eat for free.  A couple came into the restaurant and were seated and after eating their meal, announced it was their anniversary (and could they have a special dessert along with their free meal?)  Unfortunately for them, they had no proof today was their anniversary.

The manager was called over and he started talking to the customers.

The wife was quickly becoming irate and told the manager they had been happily married for 28 years now after being married at their local church on a beautiful Sunday morning.  And now here they were trying to celebrate their special day and how dare the restaurant, and the manager, ruin their day!

The manager smiled and said, while it may be a special day for them, today was not their anniversary and they would need to pay for their meal.

How did the manager know they were lying?


  1. Churches do not have Sunday morning wedding services... Therefore, they better have brought a way to pay or start volunteering to do the dishes.


  2. Here's another more mathematical answer...

    28 years is the key. 28 is divisible by 4 and 7. Therefore, in 28 years, there would be exactly 7 leap years. So the number of days between today and 28 years ago is:

    Since this number is evenly divisible by 7, then whatever day of the week it was 28 years ago, it should be exactly the same day of the week today. It clearly was not a Sunday or the manager would have been forced to go along with the "customer is always right" policy and give them a free meal.

  3. Easy. The manager used to be a pastor that married them 28 years ago =p

  4. I can't say about not marrying people on Sunday morning. Although I believe that to be true, you can't promise an exception wasn't made. I was going for 28 years (See the second answer).

    I like the third answer!


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