Monday, July 21, 2008

All Others Were Behind Her at the Olympics

Susan is in the final of a match at the olympic games. At the moment she reaches the finish, all the other contestants are behind her back. She did not play unfair and did also not use doping, but she does not get the gold medal? Why is that?


  1. She could be swimming the backstroke...

  2. Maybe they were about to lap her, so she was actually in last place, and almost a full lap behind?

  3. Could be that Susan is a horse and we are referring to an equestrian event.

  4. A rowing competition...?

  5. I was thinking of a rowing competition, so her back would be to the finish line. Which means she had finished last.

    But I love the other answers! Backstroke, a full lap behind and horses make a lot of sense to me.

  6. Poor Susan got lapped! She was at least one track's-length behind ALL the rest of the runners, if not more...maybe she should try a different event in 2012.


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