Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Office or Factory

A man has an office north of his home and a factory south of his home. Every day he goes to the train platform at completely random, different times. There is a train going north, stopping on one side of the platform, every ten minutes. There is a train going south, stopping on the other side of the same platform, every ten minutes. He always takes the first train that comes along after his arrival on the platform. Nine days out of ten he goes to his office. Why?


  1. The train schedule has the south train leaving a minute after the north train leaves. Unless he arrives at the station during that one minute between the north train leaving and the south train leaving, he will take the next train which is the north train.

  2. Good show! I was going to state that he probably grabs the closest train to him if they are both there at the same time.


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