Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back to School

Who teaches what subjects?

1) Mister Black does not comprehend angles.
2) Mister White is the only one who knows where the Rocky Mountains are situated..
3) Each teaches three subjects.
4) No subject is taught by three persons.
5) Certain subjects are taught by two people.
6) Mister Rust is bilingual.

Teachers: Mister White, Black and Rust are teachers.
Subjects: English, French, math, history and geography.


  1. White- Math, History, Geography
    Black- English, French, History
    Rust- English, French, Math

  2. Looks like we disagree for some of them.

    Black = English - French - History
    White = Math - Geography - French
    Rust = English - Math - History

    Of course, that means I'm probably in trouble ;-)

  3. Why does Mr. Rust not teach English and French if he's bilingual?


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