Thursday, August 30, 2007

Unexpected Vacations

Sometimes, vacations can be unexpected. Take Joan for instance. She recently traveled to the four farthest points in the U.S. (north, south, east and westernmost). And she did it without crossing a land border between states.

Where did she go?

BTW, I was absent yesterday by accident. I meant to post a puzzle for you, but didn't quite make it. Sorry about that.


  1. Well, I know that Alaska is the northernmost and westernmost state, and also the easternmost because its island chain crosses over to the eastern hemisphere, but I don't know about south...

  2. Oh, land border. Then she flew over to Hawaii, which is the farthest south. Then, if you didn't have the island chain thing in mind, she flew to Maine (around the other side of the world, I guess).

  3. She could have started in Maine, flown to Florida over the Atlantic. Then over to Hawaii, which would not require her to fly over the continental US (most of her flight would be over Mexico and the Pacific). Then from Hawaii, she could go to Alaska without flying over any state borders...

  4. Abe had it down.

    Joan started in Alaska and traveled to the northernmost point, which is also the northernmost point in the US. After that, she hopped on a plane to the Aleution Islands (sp?). The Islands split the 180th meridian, so she hopped from one side to the other to visit the easternmost and westermost points. At that point, she jumped back onto a plane to visit Hawaii and visited the southernmost island in the chain (I wonder if it has a name?).


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