Monday, August 20, 2007

How High Do You Want Me to Jump?

A man jumped 150 feet entirely under his own power and landed safely. How did he do it?

Note, there may be more than one right answer to this question. The idea here is to get you to think a little differently, not to solve a logic or math problem.


  1. Two possibilities:

    He was on the moon (lower gravity)

    He jumped off a 150 foot bridge using a bungie cord or a parachute.

  2. he jumped 2 or 3 feet at a time

  3. Or 75 people sat along the sidelines with their legs outstrecthed, and the jumper successfully launched himself over 150 "feet"?

  4. These were some great answers! The answer I didn't see was the one I had, he was a long jumper (or is that high jumper?) on skis.

  5. the first thing i thought of was that he jumped over 25 ants, which have 6 feet each.


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