Friday, February 02, 2007

Oak Street

Six people live in six houses along Oak Street that runs East/West. Can you determine the color of each house and in which house each person lives in, plus the order they are located from West to East?

House colors: gray, white, blue, red, brown, yellow
There are 3 women: Lily, Doreen, Kayla,
And there are 3 men: Brian, Dirk, Tom

1. Dirk lives in the house farthest to the East.

2. Neither the brown or white house is at either end.

3. Lily lives west of Doreen, Tom and Brian.

4. The red house is located at the far West end.

5. Girls live in both of the houses located in the center of the street.

6. Boys live in the white and yellow houses but a girl lives in the brown.

7. The gray house is just west of the brown house, which is just west of the yellow house.

8. Kayla has just two people that live east of her; Dirk and Brian.

9. The white house is located toward the west end of the street.


  1. From West to East
    Lily – red
    Tom – white
    Doreen – gray
    Kayla – brown
    Brian – yellow
    Dirk – blue


  2. Good job, Tamara, I concurr.

  3. As do I. Good job Tamara!
    West to East:
    1st house: Lily - red
    2nd house: Tom - white
    3rd house: Doreen - gray
    4th house: Kayla - brown
    5th house: Brian - yellow
    Last house: Dirk - blue


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