Friday, February 23, 2007

Magic Square Time

A magic square occurs when each horizontal, vertical and diagonal row of three totals the same. Your job today is to figure out the following square:


The letters represent the first letter in the number. For instance, T could stand for two, three, ten and so on...


  1. 10 10 16
    18 12 6
    8 14 14

  2. I though a Magic Sqaure also had the rule that no number can be repeated in the square. I don't have a solution yet, but there should be one that also meets this criteria.

  3. Well, I think a formal magic square has numbers 1-n^2, where n is the dimension of the square.

  4. 10 20 6
    8 12 16
    18 4 14

    Well, I've never heard of all these rules for magic squares, so I can't really comment on them. Actually, until I started doing these pages, I'd never heard of magic squares at all.

  5. Hey, can I ask something. Let's say that T=2; if this happens to the first T, then it will happen to every T in the magic square. If you try thinking like that, in the end it's obvious that the numbers are all the same. So T=E=S=F. But magic squares can't have two numbers with the same value. So I found out that having the same letter twice or more times in a magic square is WRONG. If we suppose that they are all different to each other then.... I think that Mike's got the right idea!!


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