Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Who won what?

A, B, C, D and E ran a race. The medals were gold, silver and bronze.

1) A will not win the gold, nor B the silver.
2) C will win a medal, and D will not.
3) D and E will both win medals.
4) D will not win the silver, nor E the bronze.
5) A will win a medal, and C will not.

Who won which of the medals?


  1. Well, either I am really missing something, or there's a problem with the question. #2 says D will not win a medal but #3 says D WIlL win a medal. #2 says C will win a medal but #5 says C will not. Seems internally inconsistent.
    So, for example, at different points in the questions, A, C, D, and E are all said to win medals, but there are only 3 mdeals to award.

  2. How about if they all ran in different races, or they all ran in several events? Then A could win a medal and not C in one race, then C could win a medal in another race. This could be a semantics question, not a pure logic question.

  3. Geez.. two copy and paste screw ups in two days. I really didn't set up this one right at all.

    Each of these hints are showing something that didn't happen. For example, see the first statement: A will not win the gold and B didn't win silver together. That means that either A did win the gold, or B did win the silver or both occurred.

    The second hint says that C will win a medal, and D will not... which means either C did not win a medal, D did win a medal, or both C did not win a medal and D did win a medal.

  4. Hopefully, today's post goes better.

    A wins Gold
    D wins Silver
    C wins Bronze


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