Friday, December 15, 2006

Falls in the middle

What word creates two new words. For example: green completes ever - ___ - horn to make evergreen and greenhorn.

1. LENGTH - _______ - CRACK
2. WITH - _______ - OVER
3. MAKE - _______ - LESS


  1. 1. wise
    2. hold
    3. weight

  2. I would say shift for #3

    2. WITH - HOLD - OVER
    3. MAKE - SHIFT - LESS

    I'm not sure about make-weight? I don't think I've ever heard that word before.

  4. go to is in the dictionary.
    I chalk this one up as another win for me. (heh)

  5. Alright, Andy, I'll give this one to you... but I'll be keeping my eyes on you! (Said in my best bad guy/mom/dad voice ;-) )

    make·weight (māk'wāt') Pronunciation Key

    1. Something added on a scale in order to meet a required weight.
    2. Something added only to fill a lack.
    3. A counterweight; a counterbalance.

  6. woo hoo! thanks Mike. Just for that, I'm going to click on a couple of the google ads on your page.

  7. Please don't do that, Andy. While I appreciate the thought, that's against the TOS for google adsense and you could lose me my account there.

    Just the fact that you like the site and keep coming back is enough for me, really.


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