Monday, December 04, 2006

A horse is a horse, of course

A horse is tied to a 15 foot rope and there is a bail of hay 25 feet away from him. Yet the horse is able to eat from the bail of hay. How is this possible?


  1. the horse has gone as far as possible in the other direction from the hay (or at least ten feet). therefore, he is still within 15 feet of the stake he is tied to, but he can walk back to the stake and keep going until he gets to the bail of hay. if the stake is the center of the horse's circle with a 15 foot radius, a 25-foot distance is possible inside that circle.

  2. Easy. The hay bail is within the ropes 15 foot radius.

  3. The horse is tied to the end of a 15 ft rope but the other end of the rope is hanging free.

  4. The other end of the rope isn't tied to anything.

  5. hmmm...I think I like sean and tamara's answer better. maybe the question should have "31-foot distance" instead of 25.

  6. all good answers, but the real one is even easier...ain't no stinkin' rope strogn enough to keep a horse from its food!

  7. Mike,

    what's the NEXT closest set of countries that differ by one letter, after Iran and Iraq?

  8. The rope isn't tied to anything, so the horse can go freely to anywhere it pleases.

    I like the whole radius answer, though. I never thought of that.

    Andy: I'm not sure, but would it be Gambia and Zambia? Or are you looking for N Korea and S Korea? ;-)

  9. Mike--well I think N Korea and S Korea is not in the spirit of what I was asking.
    Gambia and Zambia...good answer!

    I am not 100% sure but I think Ireland and Iceland are a little closer...

    Are there any other pairs of just 1 letter difference?

  10. I'm not sure I even know where Gambia is! :-)

  11. Gambia is in the eastern part of northern Africa, while Zambia is in south-central Africa, which I gather is as rough and tough as south-central LA.


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