Friday, July 21, 2006

Squared or Cubed

There is only one 2-digit number (between 10 and 99) that is both a square and a cube. What is it?

There is only one 3-digit number that is both a cube and a square. What is it?

Just to be clear, a square is a number you get by multiply any number by itself. So 4 is a square (2x2 = 4) and so is 16 (4x4 = 16). A cube is a number you get by multiplying any number by itself three times, i.e. 27 is a cube (3x3x3) and 125 (5x5x5).


  1. 2^6 = 64
    3^6 = 729.

  2. 64 is both a square (of 8) and a cube (of 4)

    729 is both a square (of 27) and a cube (of 9)


  3. the 6th-power trick was very sharp; nicely done, Tamara

  4. Thanks! It pays to think outside the box (or cube, as it were)

  5. That was a nice trick tamara! Tamara and Andy got it right, of course.

    Sorry about the late answer (from me), but I was having real problems with blogger yesterday.


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