Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dinner with the family

Savannah is hosting Thanksgiving this year. She invited her family (Hannah, Daniel, Jacob, Makayla, Justin, Destiny, Thomas, and Nicole) to her house. Her father, her sister, her mother, her uncle, her grandmother, her aunt, her grandfather, and her brother all had a great time at her house!

Figure out how each person is related to Savannah and make a family tree.

1. Hannah is Savannah's aunt.
2. Makayla is not Savannah's sister.
3. Justin is Destiny's brother.
4. Jacob is Savannah's father.
5. Nicole is not Savannah's grandmother.
6. Nicole is Destiny's mother.
7. Daniel is Nicole's brother.
8. Justin has no children.
9. In the afternoon, all of the men were watching football. Nicole, Makayla, Destiny, and Hannah were talking and not watching football.
10. Destiny is not Savannah's mother.


  1. Thomas & Makayla
    | |
    Hannah & Daniel Nicole & Jacob
    | | |
    Justin Destiny Savannah

  2. The formatting didn’t come out very well, so… Thomas and Makayla are Grandparents. They had two children, Daniel and Nicole. Daniel and his wife Hannah are the Aunt and Uncle. Nicole and her husband Jacob are the parents of Justin, Destiny, and Savannah.

  3. It's too bad the formatting didn't work (I have that problem with posts here all the time!)


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