Tuesday, March 28, 2006


What would happen if you swallowed uranium?


  1. "All isotopes and compounds of uranium are toxic, teratogenic, and radioactive. Toxicity can be lethal. In less than lethal doses toxicity is limited primarily to recoverable kidney damage. Radiological effects are systemic. Uranium compounds in general are poorly absorbed by the lining in the lungs and may remain a radiological hazard indefinitely. Uranyl (UO2+) ions, such as from uranium trioxide or uranyl nitrate and other hexavalent uranium compounds will cause birth defects and immune system damage if ingested or inhaled."

  2. I'm not sure which of those answers is funnier?

  3. You would get atomic ache (a stomach ache).

  4. I think I like superkain's answer the best =p


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