Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sing a song of six pence

Every Friday night is open mike night at Gabriel’s Tavern. Gabriel had started it many years ago to give his Friday night business a boost and it had grown to become a very successful and respected event. Bands, comedians, singers, the event drew talented people from all areas of entertainment, hoping to make a name for themselves. Talent scouts from the city had even started attending the event because of the quality of entertainers that Gabriel’s open mike night attracted. His walls were full of autographed pictures of now-big time entertainers that had once been regulars to Open Mike Night. This Friday was no exception to the outstanding talent that Gabriel’s Tavern hosted. In total, he had five bands take advantage of his open mike this week, all of them well received by the tavern’s patrons. Determine the name of each band, the full name of each band’s lead singer, and the number of members in each band.

1. The two bands with three members were Bountiful Glory and the band with Steve as a lead singer.

2. Tin Cup had a male lead singer, but it wasn’t Michael Fisk. Swarez wasn’t the lead singer for Envy.

3. The two bands with four members were the band that had Mr. Barnet as lead singer and the band with Rachel as lead singer.

4. The Howling Dogs didn’t have Wanda Marsh as a lead singer. Larry didn’t sing with Envy.

5. The band with five members was End Zone.

6. Mr. Lariet didn’t sing for Tin Cup. Michael didn’t sing for Bountiful Glory.


  1. Band : First Name : Last Name : # of members
    Tin Cup : Larry : Barnett : 4
    End Zone : Michael : Fisk : 5
    Envy : Steve : Lariet : 5
    Bountiful Glory : Wanda : Marsh : 3
    Howling Dogs : Rachel : Swarez : 4

  2. Sorry it took me so long to publish an answer this morning. I've been having trouble posting comments. I cleared out my cookies and now I seem to be all set.

  3. I know I'm late, but I love these, so I had to do it anyway...

    1. Bountiful Glory / Wanda Marsh / 3
    2. Envy / Steve Lariet / 3
    3. Tin Cup / Larry Barnet / 4
    4. The Howling Dogs / Rachel Swarez / 4
    5. End Zone / Michael / 5

    - Rachele

  4. I'm glad you enjoy these, Rachele. Looks like we got the same answer, so good for us!


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