Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tie color

There are 3 gentlemen in a meeting: Mr. Yellow, Mr. Green and Mr. Brown. They are wearing yellow, green and brown ties. Mr. Yellow says: "Did you notice that the color of our ties are different from our names?" The person who is wearing the green tie says, "Yes, you are right!"

Do you know who is wearing what color of tie?


  1. Does this assume that Mr. Yellow isn't talking to himself?

  2. That's how it reads to me.

    I realize that some would argue that is not a given, but to me, an assumption about non-psychopathic (talking to oneself) behavior is ok.


    1. Mr yellow was wearing a brown tie Mr green was wearing a yellow Tie and Mr Brown was wearing a green tie.

  3. Assuming that Mr Yellow is NOT talking to himself as Josh suggested:
    Mr Green is wearing the Yellow Tie
    Mr Brown is wearing the Green Tie
    Mr Yellow is wearing the Brown Tie

  4. That's right, Karnov. Mr Yellow, Green, and Brown aren't wearing the same color ties as their names, so their are only two possible ways that is true:
    Mr T1 T2
    Y _ G _ B
    G _ B _ Y
    B _ Y _ G

    But we know that Mr Yellow is not wearing a green tie.

    Therefore, just as Karnov stated, Mr Yellow is wearing a brown tie, Mr Green is wearing a yellow tie, and Mr Brown is wearing a green tie.

    Which is also why Josh's question is so important. I needed to assume that Mr Yellow isn't talking to himself, since one answer isn't possible without that assumption.

  5. how do you know that Mr Yellow is not wearing a green tie?

  6. The green tie wasn't worn by Mr Green, we were told, nor by Mr Brown - since he just spoke to the man wearing it - and so, it must be worn by Mr Yellow. Then the brown tie must be worn by Mr Green, since neither of the other men could be wearing it, leaving Mr Brown sporting the yellow tie.


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