Friday, December 16, 2005

Which one is true?

Jordan, Justin and Jeff are brothers whose ages are 29, 30 and 31 (in any order). Your job is to determine the brothers' ages from the clues below. There's one catch though....only ONE clue is true. The rest are false. Good luck!

1. Justin is 30
2. Jordan is the youngest
3. Jordan is 31
4. Justin is one year older and one year younger than his brothers.
5. Justin is not the youngest.
6. Jordan is not two years older than Justin.
7. Justin is the oldest
8. Jeff is older than Jordan.


  1. Justin is 29
    Jeff is 30
    Jordan is 31

    Only way #3 and #6 can work with having only one question true.

  2. Bentley got it!

    Justin, 29
    Jeff, 30
    Jordan, 31

    Clue 1: If this is true, so is clue 4. Therefore, it is false and Justin is not 30.
    Clue 2: If this is true, so is clue 5. Therefore, it is false and Jordan is not 29.
    Clue 3: This clue is true
    Clue 4: If this is true, so is clue 1. Therefore, it is false.
    Clue 5: If this is true, Justin would have to be 31, because we have already determined from clue # 1 that he is not 30, and clue 7 would also be true. Therefore, it is false.
    Clue 6: If this is true, Jordan would be 30 and clue # 8 would also be true. Therefore it is false.

  3. I negated all the questions and assumed that all but one were true. Easier to figure out that way.


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