Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Solve the mystery

"We've got a mystery", Grandpa said, "the mystery of the missing tea." He went on to explain to his grandson, Junior, that Grandma made sun tea that she left on an upside down crate in the backyard each morning. About twice a week it disappeared. Grandpa suspected Buz, the kid who lived next door, because he had seen him out in the field behind their house two or three times on days when the tea was missing.

After breakfast that day, they went out back to check on the jar of tea Grandma had put out that morning. It was gone. "There's Buz," Grandpa said, pointing to a boy out in the field walking away from them. Junior followed Buz out into the field.

As Junior got closer, he could see Buz had a jar in his hand. It was empty.

"What are you doing?" Junior asked, trying to sound friendly.

"I'm catching bees for my collection," Buz said, looking around as if searching for a little victim. "I almost got that yellow-jacket," he said, indicating a large black-and-yellow-striped bee several yards out of reach.

"Do you know a lot about bees?" Junior asked.

"Oh, yes. I study them. I just that yellow jacket and I'll have an example of all the kinds you see around here. By the way, my name's Buz. Who are you?"

"I'm Junior, the guy who caught you stealing my grandmother's tea," Junior replied.

Why is Junior so sure Buz stole the tea?


  1. Yellow Jackets aren’t bees, they are wasps. If Buz was out catching bees and studies them he should know the difference therefore he was lying.

  2. Beat me to it again 92

  3. That's right, yellow jackets are wasps.

    I deleted cruderock's comment for two reasons. One, an actual physical threat (despite the minimal actual threat) shouldn't be ignored. And two, i went to his site and I cannot support what he puts on it.

  4. No explanation really needed for the deletion!


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