Friday, December 09, 2005

Diamonds are forever

Of the four suits that make up a deck of cards, only the diamonds are symmetrical, in that a diamond - unlike a club, a heart or a spade looks the same whether it is rightside-up or updside-down.

However, one of the 13 diamond cards is different when you turn it upside-down. Without checking any deck of cards you may have lying around, can you name that one non-symmetrical diamond?


  1. Hint: There are never more than three diamonds in a row across the card, although there can be more than that up and down.

  2. Excuse me, I meant there are never three diamonds in a row.

    So take out 'never more than three diamonds' and replace it with 'never three diamonds in a row' in the hint above.


  3. the 7 of diamonds usually has the 7th diamond on one end of the card or the other

  4. That's right. It's the seven of diamonds.


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