Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Anyone have change for a dollar?

What's the largest amount of money you can have in change and still not have change for a dollar?


  1. Has to be in change, Karnov. And a hint for you blueyes, it's more than a dollar!

  2. $2.19

    1 Sacajawhatzamhuzitz (sic) coin.
    3 Quarters
    4 dimes
    4 pennies

    Nobody would want the stupid buck coin and the other coins in no way possible could be combined to form a dollar anyways.

  3. Unless somebody is lucky enough to find a vending machine that takes a dollar coin, in that case it probably can accept a dollar bill anyways.

  4. $1.09

    3 Quarters
    3 Dimes
    4 Pennies

  5. To much for me to figure out the brain already hurts...

  6. Asumming you're not including dollar coins in the possiblities, how about 3 quarters, 9 dimes, and 9 pennies?

    If you can include dollar coins, it would be infinite, wouldn't it?

  7. $1.19. Three quarters, four dimes, and four pennies.

    I have to admit, I didn't even think about dollar coins. I would probably say that would be 'change' technically. Even though you can't use it in any machines anywhere, although that doesn't mean I won't take them off your hands, Karnov. ;-)

    Dirty butter: 3 quarters, 9 dimes, and 9 pennies doesn't work, since with 2 quarters and 5 dimes you have change for a dollar.


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