Sunday, October 23, 2005

Poetry, yes that's right... poetry

A 19th Century Paradoxical Poem.

Ten weary, footsore travellers,
All in a woeful plight,
Sought shelter at a wayside inn
One dark and stormy night.

'Nine rooms, no more,' the landlord said
'Have I to offer you.
To each of eight a single bed,
But the ninth must serve for two.'

A din arose. The troubled host
Could only scratch his head,
For of those tired men not two
Would occupy one bed.

The puzzled host was soon at ease -
He was a clever man -
And so to please his guests devised
This most ingeneous plan.

In a room marked A two men were placed,
The third was lodged in B,
The fourth to C was then assigned,
The fifth retired to D.

In E the sixth he tucked away,
In F the sventh man.
The eighth and ninth in G and H,
And then to A he ran,

Wherein the host, as I have said,
Had laid two travellers by;
Then taking one - the tenth and last -
He logged him safe in I.

Nine singe rooms - a room for each -
Were made to serve for ten;
And this it is that puzzles me
And many wiser men.

This poem appeared in Current Literature, vol 2, April 1889. No author was credited.


  1. I'm not sure what you mean by saying it's a trap?

  2. Uh, me either I guess. I can't count this one out, though.

  3. ITS A TRAP!

  4. What some people won't do when it comes to websites! That has to be the silliest thing I've seen a website dedicated to in a long time...

  5. He counted either Man 1 or man 2 twice... There really was only 9 men.

  6. That would be my reading of it as well, Karnov.


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