Monday, July 16, 2012

Roman Numeral Formula

Another question from Jim May. Thanks, Jim!

The formula below is made up of individual match sticks. How few number of match stick moves can you make to correct this Roman numeral formula? Please demonstrate.

        XI + I = X

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  1. Provided each "I" only contains a single match, I think you can do either of the following with only one move:

    IX + I = X


    X + I = XI


    (If the "I" contains three matches, the best I've got is moving two matches to produce:
    XI = I + X)

  2. XI + I = X

    1. XI - I = X
    (remoe vertical line from + to make it -)

    2. X + I = XI
    (move I from left and appnd it to right)


  3. The easiest way to do this is without moving a single stick. So the answer is "0." Just turn the paper/monitor over so you're looking at the problem upside down.

  4. can anyone solve this equation( I - III = I) by moving one stick to get the answer? I - III = I

  5. Remove I from XI and place diagonally across =, thus X-I is not equal to X.


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