Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thirteen Crows

There are thirteen crows sitting on a wire. If I shoot one, how many are left? There are at least five defensibly correct answers to this puzzle. Name four of them.

 From Jim May, someone we have all been relying on for daily answers!


  1. 13. The "shot" was with a camera. Boo-ya!!!
    (Wendy, Jim May daughter, came up with that)
    Back at ya, Jim!

  2. 1 will be left = the dead one after you've shot it as the rest of them would have flown away in fear because of the bullet sound.

  3. I can only see 4 answers at the moment (that I'm willing to defend!):

    0: The shot one falls off, the others fly away.
    1: Only the dead one will be left as the others have flown away.
    12: After shooting one, the 12 remaining crows will be left.
    13: If the shot is with a camera they are all likely to be left.

  4. Maybe if you miss your shot...

  5. as a 5th answer possibly that you shot the middle crow there would be 6 crows to the "left" of the shot crow.


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