Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stars Awash in a Sheen of Light

Stars awash in a sheen of light
It calls out loud in vile delight.
Listeners endure in fright.
Vicious brute that reigns at night,
Evil whelped of heinous bite,
Renewed by wax, it regains might.

A leading way to slay the beast,
Get the hidden weapon thus released.

Got this one and a couple of others from dan hersam.  The answer is there if you can't wait for someone to post it here.


  1. Silver Bullet

  2. Don't know what we are looking for, but I thought about werewolves.

    What's werewolves got to do with wax though?

  3. silver...the first alphabets reveal it

  4. Silver bullets for the werewolf. As nisarg points out, Silver is spelled out by using the first letter in each line..


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