Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Count Down

10 = Y in a D
9 = G M
8 = N in an O
7 = S in a H
6 = D of S
5 = S in the S C
4 = P on a C
3 = M and a B
2 = B G
1 = the L N

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. Got all but a few of them...

    10 = Year in a Decade
    9 = ?
    8 = Notes in an Octave
    7 = Sides in a Heptagon
    6 = Degrees of Separation
    5 = ?
    4 = Points on a Compass

    3 = Men and a Baby
    2 = ?
    1 = the Loneliest Number

  2. Looks like you did get most of them Tabitha. Let me just fill in the blanks:
    9 = Greek Muses
    5 = Stars in the Southern Cross
    2 = Brothers Grimm

    I would have classified these as the harder ones myself. There are four major stars in the southern cross (crux) and one minor star. And who thinks of the two brothers grimm, right?

  3. After reading the title, I immediately heard "The Final Countdown" by Europe.


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