Thursday, January 12, 2012

Flower by any Other Name Becomes a Country

What flower becomes the name of any country by removing the first letter, becomes the name of a city when the last letter is removed and becomes the name of a bird if both first and last letters are removed?


  1. Carnation? (ar-nation = our nation) ... it doesn't satisfy the rest of the riddle.

  2. what's the answer? it's driving us crazy!!??!!

  3. I was hoping you would be able to figure this one out. I'm beginning to think the wording is off, though. Instead of letter, I'm thinking the question should be 'remove the first part' and then then carnation becomes nation. I can't make the rest work, though.

  4. Well, if that is the question of the day, what is the point for posting more riddles? This doesn't make sense. I went through more than 3,000 type of flowers and none of the combinations can be possible. I am nearly 100% that there is a mistake in the riddle


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