Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cat Jokes

After yesterday's headache, I could use a simple laugh.

1. How does a cat go shopping?

2. Why do cats make the best pets?

3. What is a cat's favorite desert?


  1. What fun!!!!!

    What do cats have for breakfast?
    - Mice Crispies

    Who is a cats favourite Chinese leader?
    - Chairman Miaow

    What is a cats favourite form of golf?
    - Furball

    ...trying to think of something with scratching posts and kit e kat, but these will do for now!

  2. 3. What is a cat's favorite desert?

    Chocolate Mous's'e

  3. 1. They use a cat-alog!
    2. The cats are purrfect.
    3. Mice Cream!

    I love the other jokes you came up with reallyfatbloke. And I could really go for something chocolate after reading your answer Violet!

  4. A cat's favorite "desert" can be the Sahara or the Mojave. A cat's favorite "dessert" can be mousse :)


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