Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Do You Know What He Asked?


Asked by The Me.

Hint below:

Read it out loud.


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  2. I think it's - "Have you any eggs? Yes, we have eggs. I'll have ham and eggs."

    Took me a moment to figure out how to read it aloud!

  3. haha, that was fun how it went from nonsense to a readable sentence as soon as I read the letters. I came up with the same as Bonnie.

  4. !LOL! Bonnie ^^ is very quick. I curved my tongue around that one and got nowhere until I read her answer.

  5. good one :)))

    I tried putting the letters into words but, obviously, all I came up with did not make much sense...
    Bonnie's answer has made it all clear :)

  6. Think of words ending in -gry. 'Angry' and 'hungry' are two of them. What is the third word in the English language? You use it every day, and if you were listening carefully, I've just told you what it is.

  7. ad williams: its "language"

  8. Bonnie you are a freaking GENIUS because I never would've got that haha.

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  10. Thank you Bonnie; I kept trying to pronounce the combinations as words and came up with 2 + 2 = 5.

    And thank YOU, Ad Williams, for actually asking that "gry" riddle correctly. I cannot believe how many times I see it asked wrong...or how many people who ask it wrong don't seem to see why that changes the answer (namely because those who ask it wrong don't know the CORRECT answer).

    Mike? Looking forward to more riddles and what have you.

  11. Bonnie got it right away. Just sound out the letters and you'll get the phrase.

  12. to the riddle by Ad Williams: the third word is what, you just said it: WHAT is the third word, you never said it had to end in -gry. Perhaps that is a wild guess but it sounds right to me :)

  13. Bonnie is the MAN...
    That took me a while to read and figure out...
    Nice Blogg by the way...

  14. This is a fascinating blog. I heard about it from Christina at The Star Celeb and decided to check it out.

    What can I say - I'm hooked!

    Mike, I'll be back for sure and will start commenting.

    Enjoying the sunny weather in C-Town, OH. The C.C.

  15. The third word in "the English language."

    1st word = the
    2nd word = English
    3rd word = language

    Thus, language is the third word in the English language.

  16. My dad had almost that same joke when I was a little girl. It was FUNEM, OSIFM, FUNEX, OSIFX, OKMNX.

  17. hahaha... it took me much time to understand it even after i read bonnie's answer...

    life as i know it

  18. I dont get it.. Someone explain!

  19. Ohhh I get it now, you read out each letter. Cool :D

  20. I never would have gotten this. But it was good!

  21. No way is that: Fave u nny ex es vee av' ex il' av' am N EX!!!

  22. Have you any eggs?

  23. Yup, Bonnie was rite, i said the exact same thing, but it took me a while because i was reading all of them as a whole.

    And Ad Williams, I think that the third word is "third," correct me if i'm wrong



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