Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Great Question

A man goes uphill and finds a stone weighing exactly 40 Kg. he happens to tumble it down and down it comes trumbling but reaching down it breaks up in to four (4) pieces. And to Mike's surprise he could use the four pieces to weigh 1,2,3,4, .... up to 40 Kilos. What are the weights of each of the four pieces Mike has now?

This one was submitted by Maj Mandloi.


  1. I am confused by this question.

  2. the answer's 1,3,9 and 27. These four numbers can be arranged in three categories to make any number between 1 and 40:
    1. On left side of scales
    2. On right side of scales
    3. Not on either side of scale

    To weigh 5 you'd put 1 and 3 on one side, 9 one the other, to weigh 20 you'd put 27 and 3 on one side, 9 and 1 on the other etc.

  3. What's a kilo? Just kidding.

  4. Here's a couple of riddles but you might have heard them.
    1. You're trapped in a room with no windows or doors. All there is is a table and a mirror. How do you escape the room?
    2.You stand at a fork in the road. Next to each of the two forks, there stands a guard. You know the following things: 1. One path leads to Paradise, the other to Death. From where you stand, you cannot distinguish between the two paths. Worse, once you start down a path, you cannot turn back. 2. One of the two guards always tells the truth. The other guard always lies. Unfortunately, it is impossible for you to distinguish between the two guards.
    You have permission to ask one guard one question to ascertain which path leads to Paradise. Remember that you do not know which guard you're asking -- the truth-teller or the liar -- and that this single question determines whether you live or die. The question is: What one question asked of one guard guarantees that you are led onto the path to Paradise, regardless of which guard you happen to ask?

  5. The answer to #2 is "what would you say if I asked you which road leads to Paradise?"

  6. No, I thought the answer to number two was ask either of them 'What way would the other guard tell me to go?' One of them is lying, so go the opposite way.

  7. So... what's the question?

  8. Answer to number 1:

    You look in the mirror and see what you see. Then you take what you saw by grabbing the same and cutting the table in half. Then you cut the table into two. Then you put the two halves together to make a hole, then you climb out!

  9. to the original question, wouldn't they all be 10 kilos?

  10. About being trapped in a room: How did I get in there?

  11. Answer to number 2:
    You ask one guard, "If I asked the other guard if that is the way to paradise, what would he tell me?" If you are talking to the lying guard, he would say no if it was the right way and yes if it was the wrong way. If you are talking to the truthful guard, he would say also say no if it was the right way and yes if it was the wrong way.

  12. I'll give you a great riddle: Who... or what... is the Space Mountain Man?

  13. how would i get trapped in a room if there are no door and windows

  14. If there's no door, can I just walk out of the empty doorframe?

  15. Wow, Ad Williams is a genius! I never would have thought of that, I was to confused.

    To question one, it isn't specified whether there is any sort of hole in the room not necessarily a door or window but just a random hole in the wall or floor, there had to be one that you entered into the room in the first place.

  16. Ad Williams has the answer down. 1, 3, 9 and 27 can be used in a scale to weigh any (exact 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ...) measurement up to 40.

    For instance, if you wanted to measure a 1 kilo weight, you put the 1 kilo stone on the other side to balance it out. For two kilos, take the 1 kilo stone and place it with the object you are weighing, and balance it out with the three kilo stone on the other side.

    And so on...

  17. for q 1 smash miri with tabel to pass time or trick quiston couldnt of got in whith no door

  18. for q 1 move tabel theres a hole under it

  19. ask ether one if this is the right way to go to get to pairidids
    liers always blink when lie
    lilier say say yes dont go that way
    lilier say say no do go that way
    trouth ful say yes go
    trouthful say no dont go

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  22. Here is a riddle for you: If a computer sold in a box together for $306.00 and if the computer costs $300.00 more than the box, how much would the box cost????

    I dont think you need a calculator for this.

  23. ad williams, rather brilliant answer regarding the scales and the 40 kilo stone...surprisingly many ingenious answers...how many have you heard before?
    i couldn't answer have of these...
    i heard the guards at the fork in the road a little differently, i'll answer supposing it hasn't been yet...
    any way it's a simple logic or mathematical trick having to do with a double negative...you're locked in a room by a tyrannical king...there are two doors you may exit by...one door leads to certain freedom, the other to certain death...there are two guards in the room to whom you might pose one single question regarding the two doors...one guard always lies and one guard is always honest...what is one single question you may ask one guard regarding the two doors which will guarantee getting out safely? "what door would the OTHER guard tell me to exit if i wanted to get out free(alternately you could ask what door would the opposing guard tell me is safe) it is a lie either way by either guard answering for the other simply because one lies...it's equivalently like multiplying 1x-1=-1

  24. ok suppose you are locked away by a tyrannical king whom admires clever prisoners and not infrequently allows them pardon should they be resourceful enough to effectively use their heads...he tells you that you shall remain the rest of your days rotting away in a small prison cell or risk death by answering a simple enough question of logic he says...which if you answer correctly you shall be free but die otherwise...you risk your life for the option of answering the kings question...however, the king is not without a sense of sadistic justice so he has you blinded with hot pokers..and while in excruciating pain tells you that you are standing besides another blind man and one man with one good eye...while you are agonizing he tells you that he has randomly selected out of five hats- 2 of which are red and 3 of which are black- 3 hats to place on each of your prisoners' heads and and tells you that if you can determine what color hat is on your head you may go free...the prisoner with one good eye tells you that he has no idea what color hat he is wearing...the second blind prisoner is told by the malicious king what color hats both you and the first one-eyed prisoner are wearing and he says he cannot determine what color hat he is wearing...now you despite all the pain of being blinded with hot pokers immediately tell the king that you are wearing a black hat...how did you figure this out asks the king...and you explain and are set free...what pray tell did you explain???

  25. the box cost 3 dollars 300+3=303 dollars +3 dollars = 306 dollars

  26. Ad Williams,

    Question 1:

    You "saw" yourself in the mirror. You take the saw, and cut the table in half. Put it together to make a "hole" and escape.

    Question 2:

    All you have to do is ask: "Are you reading a book?"
    The one that always lies will say yes, and the one that tells the truth will say no. Its a very simple concept.

  27. 1. For Ad Williams answer about the concealed mirror, it is:

    You look in the mirror and you see what you saw,
    You take a saw and cut the mirror in half,
    You take the half of the whole,
    You use that hole to get out of the room -

    I'm srry i replied late, after so many ppl had already given that answer, so ppl, congrats on the right answer... and being faster (espially Matt - GOOD JOB MATT).

    2. For Ad Williams question about the fork on the road, it's simple, you're allowed to ask one guard one question, since there are two guards, that means two questions. Ask each one of the guards for the "road to paradise," the answer that both of the guards give is the right road.

    ... and I just looked up again at the post so, let me answer this question again,

    You simply (as Matt Smith answered before) ask the guard something which would be visible of them doing, so yes

    "Are you reading a book"
    "Are you eating ice-cream"

    would be appropriate choices.


  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. guys for the answer to ad williams Q2 check out morphy's answer. that one is right not RH's

  30. matt smith is wrong because even though you know hes lying now, but you dont know which is the path, and youd be stuck there..

  31. Matt Smith.. You only get one question to ask though, and if you ask that question, you will never know the which way to take. Therefore, you will be stuck.


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