Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How Did Sam Feel About Europe?

Sam, who had gone off on a trip to Europe over the summer, was describing each of the places he visited to Sally.  Sam told Sally that he hated Madrid, loved Prague, hated Warsaw, hated Antrim and hated Ankara.

Sally interrupted him at this point and said "Based on your criteria, I already know how you felt about Vienna."

What pattern had Sally noticed?


  1. Hated Vienna because it is two syllabuls?

  2. loved Vienna, as it has an 'e' in the name.

  3. Vienna has three syllables... so I don't know.

  4. May be the words began with odd standing alphabets.. like M stands at 13 which is odd nmber, where as P stands at 16 n he hapnd to love Prague.. all other do stand at odds n V stand at even, wld hav loved Vienna ? :-?


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