Thursday, April 02, 2009

Do You Know Your Phobias

Your psychiatrist has just diagnosed you with the following phobias.  What is it that you're afraid of?

  1. Anemophobia
  2. Musophobia
  3. Barophobia
  4. Potophobia
  5. Ochophobia


  1. Anemophobia = Fear of Wind
    Musophobia = Fear of Mice (Latin 'mus' = Mouse)
    Barophobia = Fear or Gravity/Pressure (Baro- root)

    Don't know the other two...never heard of them.

  2. Potophobia - a fear of drinking alcohol
    Ochophobia - a fear of riding in vehicles

  3. Put the whole lot together and it seems like you are in fear of a drunken mouse driving the cab you just hired over the Golden Gate Bridge offering you a cold beer in a strong gale.

  4. I'm always amused by all the phobias there are out there (There's probably a word for that, too!).

    Nice work Howie, putting it all together! :-)

  5. Wow.... That's odd.
    Did you know there's a fear of Garlic?
    I'm in an AP Psychology class right now and for our final exam we have to pick psychological disorder to do a report on. There's actually a help program for people with a fear of garlic.

  6. Why am I not surprised by that?


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