Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cost of Oysters

The menu at your favorite local restaurant reads:

Soup $18
Salad $23
Roast Beef $41
Ice Cream $36
Coffee $27

The chef is adding oysters to the menu.  If he follows the pattern, what's the price going to be?

Also, why is this place your favorite? It's way too expensive for me!  (this last part is a joke and not part of the question.)


  1. If I can get oysters at the same price as coffee, that must be some really good coffee! Or really bad oysters. In this case I hope it's the former.

  2. Somewhere between $27 and $36. The price seems to vary with the number of letters in the name of the item. $32?

  3. cost of oysters is $31.50 Pricing is per letter of item (4.5 per letter)

  4. The answer is 5 dollars per letter in the name of the item.
    Then minus the number of tens it ends up in.

    E.g. (Roast beef) has 9 letters, 9x5=45
    then minus 4 because it is in the 40 range = 41.

    (Soup)has 4 letters, 4x5=20
    then minus 2 because its in the 20 range =18

    and so on...

  5. Vowels= $4
    Consonants= $5


  6. both the anonimous and the clone store's answers work out the same peculiar
    7x5=35 -3(because in the range of the 30)=32

  7. Does Y count as a vowel or a consonant? Because then oysters cost either $32 or $33.


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