Monday, October 27, 2008

We Have Not Seen Any Letter Equations for a While

I was looking at my 'search query' report and noticed some people looking for answers on letter equations. So, let's see if we can help them out.

The problem is, there are some typos in the searches. So, I'm presenting all of them, even though I'm sure some of them are repeats, just with the search corrected. I can't tell in each case which one is right, so I've tried to group the possibilities together. Good luck!

1) 7 C in a M

2) I ITs N 1 T it's A
1 Is N 1 T it's A

3) S of a C

4) There are two s to E Q
T are 2 s to E Q
2 s to e q
2p in a q

5) 100 P I A R
100 P A I R

6) 39 = P of the U.S.
39 = B of the U.S.

7) 32=DF at which WF

8) 5 = GL in NA


  1. Tricky with the typos...

    6.) would have been 39 = Presidents of the United States....until Jimmy Carter's tenure was finished in 1981. "43 = P of the U.S." would be accurate today.

    7.) 32= Degrees Fahrenheit at which Water Freezes.

    8.) 5 = Great Lakes in North America.

    Still thinking about the first five...

  2. I'm not sure this counts as math, because it has mostly letters.

  3. 4) There are 2 Sides to Every Question
    5) 100 P I A R

    could be 100 Pennies in a Roll [sic - there are 50]
    or 100 Pennies In A Pound (type R vs P)?

  4. BTW, I don't know the answers to these (although I suspect 39 P of the US is 39 presidents of the US and not 39 B of the US. So, there's no official answer to this question to be had.

  5. 2) If it's not 1 thing it's another

  6. get a life! *no offense*


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