Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Round Robin

Over the weekend a soccer tournament was played between five teams: the Lions, Tigers, Bears, Orioles and Eagles. Each team played once against every other team. A team won 2 points for winning, 1 point for tying and 0 points for losing.

The final point total was:
Lions 6 points
Tigers 5 points
Bears 3 points
Orioles 1 point

What was the Eagles final point total?


  1. 5 Points for Eagles?

    10 games and minimum 2 Ties.
    2 Ties would have given 4 points to different teams and 8 wins=16 points
    So, 16+4 = 20 points in total across teams.

  2. With ten games, there were 20 points to award. Since 15 of them were already accounted for, the Eagles must have had 5 points.


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