Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Name Game

Each of the following clues leads you to a name, but a name with meaning. How many can you figure out? I should mention, the spelling of the name does not have to match the clue exactly.

Example: To tease good-naturedly or engage in banter.
Answer: Josh
  1. Happiness.
  2. A hard, translucent yellow to brown fossil resin.
  3. Made from wood, shows up in books.
  4. A hard stone, typically faceted.
  5. To be holding something while going somewhere.
  6. Describes someone who has a lot of this growing on their body.
  7. Any three parts in a union; a triad.
  8. A ball hit out of the park.
  9. Something you typically eat on a bun, also called a "hot dog"


  1. 1. Joy
    2. Amber
    3. Paige
    4. Ruby, Jewel, Diamond
    5. Carrie
    6. Harry
    7. ?
    8. Homer
    9. Frank

  2. 1 Joy
    2 Amber
    3 Paige
    4 Crystal (although ruby, jewel and diamond are all acceptable in my book)
    5 Carrie
    6 Harry
    7 Trinity (Trey works for me)
    8 Homer
    9 Frank


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