Thursday, November 01, 2007

You Married Who?

A man left a legacy of $10,000 to three relatives and their wives. Together, the wives received $3960. June received $100 more than Camille, and Martha received $100 more than June. Jack Smith was given just as much as his wife, Horace Saunders got half as much again as his wife, and Terry Conners received twice as much as his wife. Which wife belongs to which husband?


  1. Camille Smith
    June Saunders
    Martha Conners

  2. 10k dollars for a legacy. Thats a damn good price. I got mine for 20k

  3. Camille, June and Martha received respectively $1220, $1320 and $1420 for a total of $3960.

    Jack Smith receives as much as his wife Camille, $1220
    Horace Saunders gets half as much again as his wife June, $1980
    Terry Connors receives twice as much as his wife Martha, $2840.


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