Monday, November 05, 2007

Bus Stop

Bus Sketch
In which direction is this bus going, left or right?

P.S. Your kid could get this one right away.


  1. to the left b/c the door is on the other side and not visible...

  2. but what if it's a british bus...

  3. I have no idea about british buses? I'm very US-centric.

    Nice job figuring out the whole door to left thing.

  4. It is actually quite obvious that the bus is moving away (this is the back view). for example, a bus does not have only three windows, and would have a hood/engine compartament at the front. however, the back of the bus is rounded on both sides as in the picture, with three windows: one behind each of the seats in the back, and a window in the emergency exit.
    (and even though it says right or left in the problem, the correct answer really should be away from the viewer)


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